Tom Cruise, Helen Mirren and Damien Lewis Guest at Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee Celebrations

The birth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II promises to be one big celebration. The ITV channel, which covers the event, is hosting a major show to accompany this historic moment, and has already announced some big names that will be on air. Helen Mirren and Damian Lewis will star in a major drama that recounts some of the most important moments in the history of the monarchy, from the reign of her ancestor Elizabeth I to her coronation.

According to the show, the show has become pharaonic Hollywood Reporter, an additional 1,300 will be raised, plus 500 horses… and a Tom Cruise! It is unknown what the American actor will be doing in this adventure to the glory of British royalty, but since part of America has long been a colony of the United Kingdom, it is possible that he will play one of the greats. American independence.


Meanwhile, Helen Mirren will take on the role of Queen, which she had already cast for a TV series in 2005.

Queen’s Platinum JubileeAs it is the name of this television and theatrical program which will honor the longevity of Elizabeth II (70 years on the throne), will be broadcast live from Windsor Castle on 15 May.

Music will be performed by a 75-artist orchestra, as well as members of the National Symphony Orchestra, and special performances by Keila Settle, Gregory Porter and Katherine Jenkins. More names may be revealed in the coming days.

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