Today Covid: 293 deaths in UK. Netherlands back on sanctions – foreign

Daily pattern of victims of COVID in the UK (Source: UK Government)

Rome, November 2, 2021 – I. dead To covid In UK there are close to 300 today (they are 293This was stated in the latest British Government Bulletin which highlights a weekly trend in deaths on the rise (+149 compared to the previous week). NS hospitalization: 1002 Today (tomorrow 1049) is 176 higher than the week of October 20-26 in the last seven days. give good hope there is a weekly shortage of new cases (-10.4%): today is today 33,865yesterday they were 40.077. There is also positive data that the new version AY.4.2, isolated in Great Britain, could not be more contagious than the delta version, which now dominates the world.

Kovid in Italy: bulletin on the transition of November 2

Holland returns to the mask

The Netherlands rolls back on sanctions, such as 1.5 m. distance of and use mask In all public places, shops, stations and hospitals. The measures were terminated a month ago. Cases have since risen to the level of risk defined by the government as “severe”. This was announced by Prime Minister Mark Root. obligation to submit health pass It will be extended to places like museumhandjob gym I restaurant terraces. “It all depends on your behavior,” Rutte said, recalling that infections have risen 39% over the past week. Hospitalizations for COVID have also increased by 50%, returning to levels not recorded since last May, so much so that many hospitals have been forced to cancel hundreds of surgeries. There have been 102 deaths due to Kovid in the last one week. Whereas about 20% of the population above the age of 12 years has not been vaccinated.

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Italy, Hope: “We evaluate the extension of the state of emergency”

Romania and Bulgaria

If Great Britain continues to attract attention, it is the eastern countries in Europe that worry. In Russia The count of the dead continues (1,178) today. seven hundred deaths in Ukraine, the state with 42 million residents. In Bulgaria, where residents are only 7 million, 310 have been registered (similar to the United Kingdom where residents are 65 million). NSn Romania (19 million inhabitants) Victims were 322 In 24 ore. record in Greece (10 million residents) with 6,700 infections on the last day.

The danger of the Yellow Zone in Italy, see here

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