TO XIII, who dreams of a Super League, a giant, follows in the footsteps of Stade Toulousen

The Toulouse Olympic season was severely disrupted due to Covid. In the championship, the English Second Division, only London (finished) and Toulouse enjoyed pro club status. All other teams considered semi-pro could not or did not want to travel to France due to health constraints.

So Toulouse was forced to play all its matches in England. By finishing unbeaten and therefore in the first regular stage, and some rules between France and the United Kingdom have been softened, they won the final stage outfit at home at the Ernest-Vallon stadium.

Toulouse was not developed at this stadium since March 7, 2020 and wins against … Battelle (34-14) In case of a win against the same opponent on Saturday, TO will also play the final, and tickets to the Super League, home Feather. But the prostitute, Eloi PĂ©lissier, remains cautious: “We must not make the mistake of assuming that we are already in the Super League because we are not. Battelle will come with long teeth, they have nothing to lose. And if we go to the finals, then again There will be a team that will come to sabotage TO’s plans.”

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