Titus (16) Rocks in the famous musical ‘School of Rock’: “Best… (Brecht)

Brecht’s Titus Schroen (16) shines as rock guitarist Zack at the School of Rock at the Zuiderpershuis in Antwerp. , © Singing Factory

Brecht ,

Titus Schroen (16) from Brecht is a name to remember. Also this weekend he will shine as guitarist Jack in the famous musical school of Rock by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It will run until 21 November at the Zuiderpurshuis in Antwerp.

In real life he plays the piano on the musical stage guitar. Brecht’s young music star admitted, “I don’t really play the guitar, but I’ve practiced the grips so that it was real to the audience.”

With his role as Jack in the wonderful Broadway musical school of Rock He’s over the moon, famous from 2016 by Andrew Lloyd Webber, ,This is my best role till date. I can enjoy it to the fullest. It’s really my thing to rock on stage. I like to dance.,

Titus with the other band members at Rock's Music School.

Titus with the other band members at Rock’s Music School. , © Singing Factory

Schrooyen is already crawling into the skin of structure in music 40-45 From Studio 100 and from Alex in Music Joan Foster About a boy who has been placed in foster care. “I am very pleased with the role as a rock guitarist. school of Rock I already knew it very well, I heard it a lot.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Singing Factory brings this music to our country for the first time. Since its premiere in 2016, it has not yet been screened outside the United Kingdom or the United States. To do this, The Singing Factory negotiated with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Really Useful Group for about a year and a half. MNM presenter Van Sinew signed on to translate and direct.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, after a year and a half of negotiations, allowed The Singing Factory to bring the music.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, after a year and a half of negotiations, allowed The Singing Factory to bring the music. , © Singing Factory

The music is based on the movie school of Rock From 2003 and tells the story of Davey Finn, an unemployed rock singer and guitarist, who impersonates his best friend and teacher, Ned Schneebly. However, he is firmly in control of his girlfriend Patti Di Marco. Davy ends up in a prestigious school where Rosalie Mullins rules. When Davy discovers his students’ musical talents, he decides to form a rock band with them and participate in the Battle of the Bands.

The Flemish public also loves music. “The response has been great. At the end the audience goes completely crazy too. It’s so much fun, it gives an extra boost. That way you’re even more motivated to give your best every time you’re on stage. “

Titus has found his liking in music.

Titus has found his liking in music. , © The Singing Factory

Titus Schroen is determined to pursue a music career. He combines his musical theater training at Heilig Graf’s fifth secondary school in Turnhout with a musical theater training in Tilburg. “I also take private singing and piano lessons.” If it depends on Titus, we’ll hear from him.


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