Tips for Americans on how to keep coronavirus under control this holiday weekend

Just a few months ago, the coronavirus epidemic in the USA was serious, but it was not such a different picture in Europe. Now, while challenging European countries like Italy, Britain, France and Spain once controlled their outbreaks, the situation in the US is still terrible.

In addition to the things that managed to reverse things from the affected countries, there is much to learn from those that are so fast and organized, apart from destroying the virus.

Here are some tips on how Americans from abroad can progress.

Partying like 1999

It may be tempting to spend Fourth of July with dozens of friends at a bar, pool, or a house party. But What do we know about how the virus spreadsIt may be dangerous to meet in large groups, especially in confined areas.

In South Korea, it reopened cases in May, re-opening nightclubs in the capital city of Seoul, celebrated with a virus-like response. The city soon had to close all the bars and clubs.

The difference is that South Korea has taken the virus very well under control and had such a well-lubricated test and monitoring system that officials can communicate with the most affected people and include the set of cases.

In the U.S., increases in the number of cases also forced to close, but many states you don’t have enough contact trackers in place to provide the same environment.
Even from US experience, we know that bars and nightclubs can be a breeding ground for the spread of the virus. More 150 cases tied to a bar in Michigan.

Plans to reopen have changed by state, but in general America has reopened much faster than affected countries in Europe. For example, in the UK, bars will reopen on Saturday, 15 weeks after they are ordered, and as the UK curve is clearly flattened. You can no longer say about the curve in the U.S. and the bars in many states have been open for a long time.

Arizona closed hospitality venues on 20 March. However, as restaurants were allowed to reopen on May 11, many bar owners at Phoenix subway station found a gap by offering food to reopen. Essentially, compared to the 15 of England, there was only a seven-week bar closure there. Arizona is now the country the most dramatic spikes.

Therefore, continuing to visit closed spaces with large crowds this weekend will undoubtedly help prevent the spread of the virus. In many states, the crowd numbers are below 100, 50 or even 10, and some have re-forced bars.

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Put on that mask

There have been very mixed messages as to whether wearing a mask will protect you from transmitting or catching Covid-19, and the World Health Organization (WHO) initially did not recommend the use of face coverings. In the U.S., the issue has also been politicized – President Trump has never photographed and never asked Americans to do this.
Seven reasons to wear a mask for this July 4th weekend

But the tide turns. Health professionals greatly agree that masks are useful, especially when a virus is common in communities. WHO and USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommend the use of masks in public places.

Many studies show that wearing facial coverings is effective, but these have not yet been evaluated by the referee, and there is no available data on how successful they were in this pandemic.

Still, some of them over and over again Asian countries are more accustomed to responding There is widespread use of masks in populations of infectious respiratory diseases, which means studies show it helps prevent contamination During the SARS outbreak in 2003. SARS is a respiratory disease it also causes a type of coronavirus.

Outside Asia, Germany was one of the fastest countries to adopt mandatory masks across the country, but most of the world was still discussing its effectiveness. There are many reasons for Germany’s success in keeping the mortality low and slowing down its infections, but at least part of its success is due to the wearing of face coverings.

Even the most loyal fans, including Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence, are starting to wear face coverings. On Thursday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered most people in the state to be masked in public, as state experience was one of the worst increases in the country’s number of infections. Other states, such as California, have also issued public service announcements that encourage people to wear them.

Even if your state did not make it necessary to wear a mask, if you know there are cases in your community, you can still wear one. There are even easy ways to make them yourself.

Test if you think you should

At the beginning of the outbreak, it was almost impossible to get tested in the U.S., unless you were hospitalized. While this has changed and obstacles, the tests are more accessible than before.

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President Trump advocated the debate that the country should reduce the test to lower case numbers. WHO reiterated that testing is key to keep the virus under control. All of the places that received some of the most successful responses such as South Korea, Germany, Iceland, New Zealand and Australia were all highly tested.

CDC advice, if you have symptoms, you should call your healthcare provider and ask if the test is recommended. Even some asymptomatic people should be tested in some special cases.

In Florida cases, for example, the White House coronavirus coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx asked that all Floridians who attended mass meetings in the past four weeks be tested even if they did not show symptoms.

Quarantine when prompted (and sometimes even when you don’t)

Common tests go hand in hand with effective monitoring, tracking and quarantine systems.

The idea is that anyone who has recently contacted an infected person will be informed by the authorities and asked to be quarantined, usually for 14 days. This means that if you become infected, you probably won’t pass it on to anyone outside your home, even if you don’t have symptoms.

How to have a fun celebration at home on the Fourth of July

The United States as a whole, as in some other countries, including the UK, is having trouble finding sufficient contact trackers to build and operate an effective system. The CDC aimed to have 30 contact followers for every 100,000 people in the country.

According to Nefron ResearchIn the states, only six states and an independent health research company that tracked contact tracking in the Columbia Region crossed this threshold. These are: Utah (37), South Dakota (39), New York (49), North Dakota (46), Nebraska (38), Massachusetts (36) and Columbia District (42). Insufficient service is provided to every other state, so cases are probably undetectable.

This is especially true for eight states that are hot spots for Covid-19: Nevada (13), Florida (7), Arizona (5), Idaho (14), Texas (11), Tennessee (9), Georgia (2) and South. Carolina (8).

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If your state has not yet established an effective contact tracking system, you cannot request a test if you suspect that you have contacted an infected person.

In the meantime, it may make sense to keep your plans for the Fourth of July modest and continue to apply social distance until the U.S. virus takes control.

CNN’s Jacqueline Howard and Natalie Croker contributed to this report.

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