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Good morning! Friday – almost there! The weekend is calling. But first we start with the latest news of Apple country and surrounding area.

Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg verbally attack each other: It began with a sharp announcement by the Facebook founder as part of the publication of quarterly figures for his network. Apple is not at all about the privacy of its users, it is only interested in harming the competition and giving undue advantage to its own platforms. Apple owner Tim Cook quickly responded: In equally clear terms, with a somewhat larger context, he spoke in the direction of companies whose business model is essentially based on the collection of user data.

One billion iPhones are used worldwide

In terms of Apple’s quarterly figures for Q1 2021, various statistical key figures also fell by accident: according to Apple, about one billion iPhones are currently actively used worldwide. The number itself is not new, but Apple has given it a name.

Wearables on display

Wearbrews business is also doing well: Recently the demand for Apple Watch and AirPods has been the same. The Apple Watch in particular was able to re-inspire many new customers.

In short

What was more important

WhatsApp has introduced a change in relation to the WhatsApp web: In the future, for the first time, connecting an account with a browser on the desktop will require Touch ID or Face ID on the iPhone. It aims to increase the security of user accounts.

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Tesla brings new cars.

Tesla has unveiled new versions of its vehicles that will come out later this year, read here. The automaker recently published quarterly figures. Although they were respectful, the investors were not satisfied.

Once again, the Apple Watch was a lifesaver.

Apple Watch users live longer – sometimes. This became apparent only on the second day, when a man fell into a fast flowing river in Britain. He drifted through a kilometer of current before climbing a tree and making an emergency call.

I am sending only wishes now. Have a rest day

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