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China Is a leader not only at the political level but also in the field of applications. Indeed, the Chinese social network TIC Toc The most downloaded application of 2021 this year, ahead of social networks instagram And Facebook, The ranking was established by a US company aptopia,

Most visited site in front of Google

The latter confirmed that TIC Toc It is maintaining its position in the first row till 2020. TIC Toc also confirmed its first place, becoming the most visited site during the year, ahead of well-known search engines Google, The least that can be said is that the number of downloads from the Chinese social network is enormous. It actually has 656 million downloads, beyond instagram And Facebook Which has 545 million and 416 million downloads respectively. It follows the top 3 in most downloaded applications in 2021 Wire With 329 million downloads, Snapchat (327 million), Messenger (268 million), Capcut (255 million) and Spotify (203 lakhs).

As a reminder, this year’s rankings have seen the disappearance of instant messaging applications meta (former Facebook), WhatsApp, In fact, in 2020, the latter took the second place in the ranking with 600 million downloads. Although in 2021 it is in fourth place with a loss of almost half with 395 million downloads.

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