Tiktok sued viral text-to-speech feature voice on social network

If you opened the TicketLock app from November 2020, you might have heard a woman’s voice, which is used for the text-to-speech feature on social networks. Ontario actress Bev Standing, who claims that the voice is hers, however, claims that the social network has not been given the right to use it.

The text-to-speech feature, which sounds similar to Siri or any other voice assistant, is used to read digital text displayed loudly in Tiktok videos.

According to what has been said in the lawsuit filed by Web Standing last week, the tool that has gone viral is repeating Rough and offensive language And its use by TikTok a. is irreparable damage.

If you want to use a person’s voice, then pay for it.

A quote from:Bev standings in BBC interview

Voice is her tool of work, she believes she may lose acting contracts for commercials, for example, if companies recognize them.

The actress claims that she has lent her voice for a similar ceremony A few years ago, But on behalf of an anonymous company affiliated with the Institute of Acoustics (IOA), which wanted the translation of the texts into English.

Tiktok declined to comment due to the ongoing lawsuit, according to the UK newspaper Wire, Who gave the first news.

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