Tiger mosquito starts monitoring

With Spring, an acute problem returns to the rest of the New Aquitaine in the Landes, except for Creus.

Since 2015, the Department of Lands has been monitoring the active implantation of tiger mosquitoes, in particular, like 63 other French departments. Every year from May 1 to the end of November, it is closely monitored by the public and health officials.

This mosquito can actually be a vector of diseases of dengue, chikungunya or zika. To reduce or restrict the spread of tiger mosquitoes, the Regional Health Agency gives several tips to follow. The responsibility lies with everyone, as this mosquito lives within 150 meters of where it originated.

It is therefore advisable to remove all stagnant water: small cups, water in water, to check children’s play, to store equipment such as wheelbars under cover, etc. The Regional Health Agency has established a checklist so that everyone can work around their home for this public health issue.

Everyone can contribute to the knowledge of implantation of this vector mosquito by indicating its presence on www.signalement-micique.fr

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