Tiger Mosquito: Red Alert in Occitania

From Orange Alert to Red Alert in just a few days, the Tiger Mosquito is becoming more and more established in Occitania. The problem with this species is that it can transmit serious tropical diseases.

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Occitania has been put on red alert on the Vigilance Mouthics Map for a few days, which is a direct result of the tiger mosquito implantation in the region. Transmitter of viruses and diseases, they are active from May to November. Rarely has the presence of the insect been so important in France. Today 67 departments of the city are affected.

Despite their strong presence in the Occitan region, Isabel Esteve-Moussian, coordinator of vector control for Occitan’s ARS, Sud wanted to be reassured on the radio’s microphone: “in itself, red does not mean an important warning”. Actually, The signal simply informs the presence and activity of the insect on the area, So because of their great activity a red alert has been launched.

Unlike summer mosquitoes that are black, noisy and bite only, the tiger mosquito is small, silent, black and white and bites only during the day.

Ministry of Solidarity and Health Publishes its press release in a variety of ways warned of their attacks. “Wear loose and covered clothes”; “Mosquito repellent, outer spiral” or even “mosquito trap” at night.

Another recommendation: remove all still water around his house. Mosquitoes breed in these waters. Secondly, the ministry has asked citizens to report the presence of tiger mosquitoes in the affected neighborhoods or towns on the signal-mustick.enses.fr site.

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Especially since the tiger mosquito can be a carrier of many viruses. Dengue, Chikungunya or Zika virusAll three are dangerous for humans. If traveling to an area where cases of infection have been reported, The first reflex is to consult a doctor. Indeed, in case of a bite, the symptoms are not always felt or even non-existent. However, any one virus can be contracted without understanding and can be transmitted in turn.

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in Occitania, 24 cases (specifically dengue fever) was listed between May 1 and December 10, 2021. This accounts for 14% of the number of cases in France.

according to this’World Health Organization (WHO), dengue infection has been continuously evolving for more than ten years. she guesses 100 and 400 million infections per year “. However, she clarifies that more than 80% of these infections are mild or asymptomatic ,

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