Tiger Mosquito is back, what to do

It is one of the consequences of a heat wave affecting France this week.

In France, 67 departments are on red alert against the tiger mosquito.
The Mosquito Vigilance Site has put Haute-Savoie and Savoie on red alert.

Many tropical diseases can be caused by the bite of a tiger mosquito.
They can transmit dengue fever, chikungunya or Zika.

It is always advisable to maintain your garden and empty any accumulated water so that mosquitoes do not get caught.

Adding sand to flower pots helps retain moisture without favoring the presence of the tiger mosquito.

The tiger mosquito is a relatively small mosquito with small black and white stripes.

In Haute-Savoie, the city of Annecy has launched a prevention campaign aimed at giving its residents good advice so that tigers do not see mosquitoes breeding.

The tiger mosquito has been present in metropolitan France since 2004.

If you notice the presence of tiger mosquitoes near you, you can report it to the health authorities on the dedicated website.

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