“Tiger King”: That’s why Netflix is ​​now grumbling

“Tiger King”
That’s why there’s a complaint in the neck of Netflix now

The “Tiger King” has another complaint on its neck.

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“Tiger King” is facing trial next – the show is said to have shown excerpts from “Ace Ventura 2” without permission.

The next lawsuit for “Tiger King”: Morgan Creek Productions is suing Netflix and the producers for copyright infringement, as reported by “The Hollywood Reporter.”

it’s about five seconds

The problem is the use of scenes from the 1995 film “Ace Ventura 2” with Jim Carrey (59) in the lead role. It’s a total of five seconds of footage, according to “The Hollywood Reporter.” One clip shows Carey carrying a monkey wrapped around her shoulder, the other riding triumphantly on an elephant.

In the successful reality series, these five seconds are said to have been used without permission or license. Morgan Creek states that the episode was watched by “literally millions of viewers -” many of them watched more than once, which is said to have multiplied the damage to MCP.

Did “Ace Ventura 2” Promote “Tiger King”?

It is said that “two comic scenes” “serve” the commercial value of “Tiger King”, showing that wild animals are widely used in film and television productions. The visuals are said to have contributed to the episode’s “vibration”, which is said to have increased viewership. According to the lawsuit, “Ace Ventura 2” contributed to the promotion of “Tiger King”.

Morgan Creek also claims that it unsuccessfully tried to settle the dispute out of court before filing the lawsuit. The production company is seeking legal damages, legal fees and a permanent ban on the accused from using the clip owned by Morgan Creek.

Second Sue for “Tiger King”

This is not the first problem “Tiger King” has faced in court. Carole Baskin (60) has also taken legal action on Netflix. Baskin and her husband accused Royal Good Productions and Netflix of breaching their contract because footage of the couple has been used in the second part as well. However, the couple claims that they agreed to a release only for the first season.


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