Tier 2 Lockdown Q&A – Birmingham’s new rules were explained at weddings, funerals, holidays

Tier 2 Lockdown Q&A - Birmingham's new rules were explained at weddings, funerals, holidays

The new three-tier system of government, unveiled by Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday, has resulted in a new Covid-19 rule for Birmingham residents.

They will take effect on Wednesday, Mr Johnson, who unveiled the new coronavirus three-level lockdown system on Monday.

The city has been placed on ‘alert level 2’ due to the infection rate above 100 per 100,000 people. It joins a number of ‘high’ levels in the West Midlands, including Solihull and Sandwell.

Birmingham’s new rules mean households will not be able to afford (without support bubbles) households, including homeowner hospitality, leisure and retail.

This is in addition to the national ‘rule of six’ and local restrictions on meeting other families in private homes.

The six-man rule, however, will now apply to private gardens, according to local authorities, who have published full details in a concise and concise guide for city dwellers to follow.

Birmingham City Council leader CLR Ian Ward said: “I know this is not news that people want to hear, but the truth is that our infection rate is still very high – we are currently close to 100,000.

“It’s disappointing to be at this level, because our hospitality sector has spent a lot of time and money on security measures, and Birmingham’s data simply doesn’t support the need for further restrictions.

“The negative impact of the new restrictions on the lives of the sector and the people who work in it cannot be overemphasized. The sector supports more than 135,000 jobs across the West Midlands and it is imperative that more financial support be made available to them.” That funding will be provided.

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“In order to lift these restrictions, we have to reduce that rate and if everyone does something about it, it will happen.

“This represents a huge challenge for all of us in Birmingham and following the guidelines for bringing back COVID rates across the city is more important now than ever before. Must play

“We will continue to work closely with our partners and work with every community and neighbor to communicate important public health messages to help keep people safe. I know that councilors, MPs and colleagues across the city have worked tirelessly to support the people of Birmingham since March and I would like to thank them for their continued efforts. “

Restrictions, effective Tuesday, October 13 (one minute past midnight on Wednesday, October 14):

How will this affect the internal meeting of the house?

Homeowners with household hospitality, leisure and retail cannot meet indoors (without support bubbles). This is in addition to the national ‘rule of six’ and local restrictions on meeting other families in private homes.

So, what will happen to the garden?

The six-man rule now applies to private gardens.

How are marriages affected?

No more than 15 people are allowed to attend the wedding reception at the same time.

And janaza?

Only 30 people can attend funerals with a maximum of 15 in waking and remembering.

What about team sports?

You can only play team sports where they are officially organized by a club or organization.

And what are the rules of public transport?

People advise them to reduce the number of trips they make.

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I have a holiday book. Does it affect me?

You can still go on vacation, it could just be with people who live with you or your support bubble.

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