TIBU Maroc Launches Global Sports Entrepreneurship Week

The NGO TIBU, which harnesses the power of sports to create social and innovative solutions in the fields of education, empowerment and socio-economic inclusion of young people and women through sports, started the launch of Global Sports Entrepreneurship Week.

Scheduled from November 11 to 14, 2021 in Casablanca and Agadir, Global Sports Entrepreneurship Week has seen participation from 200 youth from Tunisia, Jordan, Algeria, Senegal, Mali, Cte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Morocco.

Global Sports Entrepreneurship aims to bring together diverse actors from the entrepreneurship and social sector through sport in Morocco, Africa and the world around a program rich in conferences, master classes, reflection and advocacy workshops and hackathons and other initiatives.

global context

Build a global movement in the world by being inspired by the United Nations-celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week to highlight entrepreneurs, and the potential of entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into concrete projects.

Social entrepreneurs create value, create jobs and offer innovative solutions that answer sometimes very complex issues. Entrepreneurship contributes to the development and economic resilience of nations, and its development has given rise to new categories of entrepreneurship, including sports entrepreneurship.

“Thanks to Ashok, I discovered the magic of social entrepreneurship. Through the organization of Global Sports Entrepreneurship Week and the launch of programs focused on social innovation and youth sports entrepreneurship, such as Sports Orange Corner, we aim to train social entrepreneurs who push the boundaries, who are the best to live, work and work. revolutionize the way we think and who are able to harness the power of sport to create social and economic inclusion. ”, announced Mr. Mohammad Amin Zariyat, Ashoka Fellow and Founding President of the NGO TIBU Maroc.

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A World Premiere – Sports Orange Corner

Sports Orange Corner is a program focused on sports entrepreneurship. The SOC is open to all young Moroccans aged 20 to 35 from all cities in the state who have innovative ideas about sport and who respond to social, regional or national issues.

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Morocco and the NGO TIBU are convinced that sport can play an essential role in the economic sphere of the kingdom, contributing to bringing about social change. Sports Orange Corner aims to create innovative economic models in sport while meeting the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Sports Orange Corner works for high impact entrepreneurial models in 4 key areas: Sports & Education, Sports & Health, Sports & Environment and Sports & New Technologies.

In this sense, Benthe Bejens, a specialist in employment and youth entrepreneurship programs at the Netherlands Development Agency in charge of the “Orange Corner” programme, said she was very pleased to launch the first Orange Corner focused on sports entrepreneurs.

“We look forward to exploring the link between sport and entrepreneurship and, together with TIBU, we support Moroccan youth by further developing their innovative ideas and with high social and economic impact,” she said.

For his part, Luke Schillings, Head of the Economic Section – Embassy of the Netherlands in Morocco, indicated that “Entrepreneurship in the sports sector provides work opportunities with high added value for young Moroccans and Africans, although sport has its own Known for love. Entrepreneurship and sport have a lot in common, including the spirit of competition and taking on challenges to be successful.”

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During the Global Sports Entrepreneurship Week press conference, the President of the NGO TIBU announced a range of high-impact activities:

– Hackathon on Social Innovation: While the NGO TIBU has kicked off the first Maghreb Sport Social Business Hackathon in Tunis, the event, which has become usual on the agenda of the organization, once again around Sport X Surf X in Casablanca and Agadir will be held. Sustainable development and social innovation. In Agadir, the youth of Tidasi, Taroudante, Dakhla and Agadir will benefit from an unprecedented experience of social and entrepreneurial innovation from November 11 to 14, where they will be asked to submit sports projects in high-impact surfing. economic and social.

– Cross Culture Education Program – Level 3: After two seminars organized by TIBU Maroc for the benefit of young Moroccans, Morocco is hosting the third level of training “Open Fun Football School” in Casablanca from November 11 to 15, 2021. Participation of Tunisian, Jordanian, Algerian and Moroccan delegations. Organized in partnership with the Danish organization “Cross Culture Project Association”, the theme of this level will be Social and Sport Entrepreneurship in Convergence with the Objectives of Global Sport Entrepreneurship Week.

– #Run4NeatRunning: There is no better way for TIBU to unite and educate stakeholders on this issue of professional integration through sport and not through physical activity. The race comes to support the organization’s many efforts in promoting employment through sport through a 5 km run in which young people, companies, institutions and others will participate to celebrate the integration. The socio-economic status of the youth in NEET status is becoming more than ever a major issue for every nation.

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– Launch of Alafia Program in Morocco: Supported by Association Terres en Malis, NGO TIBU and sports social entrepreneur Brahim Karib, Alafia is a project that aims to contribute to the emergence of a generation of teachers and youth leaders. The world, able to use rugby and the sport to join the region, contributes to international solidarity and sustainable development in Africa.

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