Throws Apple in the towel and drops its iMac Pro!

The iMac Pro disappears completely from the Apple site, as well as from the “Apple Store” application. Indeed, its product sheet has been withdrawn and is no longer listed in the Mac range. This has been observed by many experts in mobile telephony. A fact that follows the firm’s announcement at Apple about two weeks ago to halt production of its iMac Pro.

Therefore iMac will only be available “while stock last” and will not be replaced. This is good and truly true for the iMac Pro. Two weeks after its abandonment announcement, All-in-One has completely disappeared from the Apple site. For those who still want an iMac Pro at all costs (but for what reason?), There are still copies at some resellers, including Amazon where in excess of the original configuration (32 GB RAM, 1 TB storage). It is sold for 5,000 euros.

As a reminder, the iMac Pro was introduced in 2017 that provides more powerful all-in to high-end customers desiring Intel Exxon workstation processors. The chassis was identical except for a more efficient cooling system and space gray aluminum finish. In 2020, Apple slightly increased the configuration of the iMac Pro after the introduction of the new consumer iMac.

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