Through many restrictions on physical contact

What’s in the hug? For Charles Bakowski «Inside the throat you can do anything: smile and cry, be reborn and die. Or stop and tremble inside ». Pablo Neruda writes in a saga: “In your embrace I am what exists, the arena, the weather, the rain tree and everything for my life.” Of all the limitations imposed by the epidemic, the inability to embrace our loved ones was the hardest to bear. Being able to see grandparents only through the glass, not being able to comfort them, touch them, make them feel (tangibly) how much they love them.

Now all this could have changed. In the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Boris Johnson thinks of a date to ease the ban on “friendly contacts” between different families: 17 May. Tomorrow the Prime Minister will hold a press conference at which he will be able to announce less serious measures, according to predictions from the Telegraph and DailyMail. Conservative lawmakers are pushing to do so, supported by the success of the vaccination campaign: so far 35.2 million citizens (66.8 percent of the population) have received the first dose, and 17.2 million have also received the second. Contagion data is minimal: only 2047 cases of Kovid were reported last Saturday, and only 5 deaths occurred.

Kovid Great Britain, 5 Kills and 2000 New Infections on One Million Tampons: Never So Less

The British government’s intention is to allow friends and relatives to return to physical contact, in terms of “common sense” and “personal judgment”. The new phase will especially bring relief to grandparents, who have not been embracing their grandchildren for over a year now. Worldwide, in hospitals and centers for the elderly, relatives have so far only been able to give comfort in “throat rooms”, protected by gloves and plastic barriers. And so far, in the United Kingdom, the so-called “rule of six”, the rule of six, which expressly forbids any assembly of more than six people, is valid. Now this rule can be relaxed.

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The funerals can be celebrated again (until now it was not allowed), but a maximum of thirty people are present inside the house. Uniform rule of 30 for weddings, at least until June 21. A spokesperson for Downing Street reported, “We do not want to keep the restrictions strictly necessary.”

Similarly to what is happening in Italy, where family members can meet elderly residents in nursing homes – the guidelines speak of physical contact that is only “Kovid-19 Green Certification between family member / visitor and vaccinated guest / The patient may be in possession “or with an infection in the last 6 months” – the British Prime Minister would be willing to allow “low-risk” contacts, preferably outside, in gardens and parks, with subsequent quarantine or similar isolation measures. Without going through.

To meet relatives with vaccination certificate Rs.

Hug Day, the day of the hug, as some have already defined it – and therefore Great Britain’s first real step toward normality – is set for the next 17 May, when friends and family are the first to last The bars can also be found indoors. January. Similarly, restaurants and pubs will also be able to serve food and drink in the indoor lounge, and will be able to travel to a whole range of approved locations on the “green list” of holiday summer destinations.

Johnson, at the same time, to keep the most dangerous variants of Sir-COV-2 under strict control, and especially in the Indian one. For example, in the township of Bolton, people infected with the Indian version are being detected, which should not be taken lightly at all, so as not to disappoint the results so far.

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