Three tubes of this moisturizing day cream are sold every hour worldwide.

While we like to form our opinion on skin products, we want to wager on popular products. This is why products that are among the best-selling products worldwide are the ones we tested first! Today we take you on a quest for an essential day cream.
It is the famous “crème ingenius” of the French cosmetics brand Marie Kohr. If the brand is known for its institutions that provide advanced protocols and rituals, the products sold are appreciated by loyal customers. Thanks to the right technological innovation, its simple formula and the speed of its results, this cream moisturizes, integrates complexion and protects the skin throughout the day. And if it is a real success, it is simply because it is effective and comprehensive. In addition to nourishing the skin, it protects against UVB and UVA sun rays causing pigmentation disorder and skin aging thanks to SPF 15

Five years after its launch, it has become a bestseller since selling 86 products worldwide, i.e. no less than 3 per hour. And to satisfy all women without exception, the brand has just launched a “golden” version, suitable for dark skin and women whose color is seasonally tanned.

The pigments contained in the formula, enriched with mallow extracts, leave their complexion during application and are perfectly adapted to skin tone. They do not interfere with skincare active ingredients to preserve the formula until its use. Associated with soft focus powder and pearls, they also give off color and blur fine lines. The color is radiant with beauty.

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