Three Mossad agents arrested

AA / Tehran

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry announced the arrest of 3 people working for Mossad, the Israeli foreign intelligence in the Sistan-and-Balochistan province in the country’s southeast.

The ministry’s General Security Department said in a statement on Thursday that “three Mossad agents were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the transfer of confidential information and documents from Iran”.

The statement said the “arrests were made on the orders of the court”, but did not specify the nationalities of the suspects.

Mossad’s presence and activities in Iran have increased dramatically in recent years, according to security observers in Iran, with sabotage at major nuclear facilities and a series of targeted killings of top nuclear scientists.

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi threatened on Monday that he would target Israel if he made the “smallest gesture” against his country.

It emerged from a speech given at the annual parade of the Iranian Armed Forces, where fighters, helicopters, drones, air defense systems, as well as tanks, missiles and ships were presented in a parade.

Addressing Tel Aviv, Raisi threatened: “If you take any action on your part against the Iranian state, the capital of the Zionist regime will become a destination for our armed forces.”

* Translated from Arabic by Munir Benour.

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