Three cantonments carried out their vaccination campaign

In German-speaking Switzerland, Canton of Zurich and St. Gallen will begin their coronovirus vaccination campaign on 4 January, while Basel-City will vaccinate from 28 December. As the number of available doses is initially limited, priority is given to the elderly as well as residents of EMS and care centers.

The first vaccination will take place at the Travel Medical Center in Zurich. A large tent with “vaccination rows” is already installed there. The Zurich Health Directorate told reporters on Monday that the goal is to prevent long queues from forming.

With a treatment time of 27 minutes per patient, only 600 people can be vaccinated per day at the center. Initially, 16,000 doses of the vaccine should be available.

The first to be vaccinated are people over the age of 75 and suffer from serious pre-existing diseases. This is followed by people 65 and older. Residents of nursing homes and health centers should be vaccinated from 11 January. After the elderly and those at high risk, caregivers and residents of institutions will take priority.

Online registration in late december

Vaccination of the rest of the population will not take place before 1 April. One vaccination center in Zurich and three others in the rest of Canton are planned for this purpose. According to the Directorate of Health, the logistics of this massive operation is very complex. For example, necessary for preservation of refrigerators Vaccination Not ready yet With this Vaccination BionTech / Pfizer has not arrived in Zurich yet.

If everything went according to plan, by the end of January, around 20,000 people would have been vaccinated. Health director Natalie Rickley (UDC) said the priority is to immunize vulnerable groups. “However, there will be an adequate dose for all people who wish to be vaccinated.”

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Full reservation

On the Basel side, preference is given to people 65 and older. From Monday morning, they can make an online appointment for vaccination. The Basel Department of Health stated that hours after registration opened, all appointments had already been made. It will be possible to register again within 24 hours.

Vaccination will begin on December 28 at the vaccination center located at the Basel fair.

Residents of health care institutions will be vaccinated by mobile teams. The Basel Health Department stated that it may take a little longer due to the necessary clarification before starting vaccination at these centers.

Integrated Eastern Switzerland

According to Bruno Daman, the St. Gallen director of health contacted by Keystone-ATS, St. Gallen and most cantons in eastern Switzerland will begin vaccination on 4 January.

In St.Gallen, priority will be given to residents as well as staff in nursing homes and care centers. The dose will then be delivered to the doctor’s offices, where those at high risk will be vaccinated first. According to the St. Welsh Department of Health, the rest of the population will not be able to vaccinate until spring or summer.

The Grubandan government was scheduled to speak on Monday, the Thurgao cantonment on Tuesday.

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