Thousands worldwide protest George Floyd’s death in global solidarity indicator

The weekend demonstrators gathered in London, Berlin and Auckland, among other cities, and held a protest against police violence in solidarity with the US.

Protesters gather in London Trafalgar Square In violation of the key rules of Britain banning large meetings on Sunday morning.

Some participants walked to the US embassy in the capital’s Dokuz Karaağaç region.


Crowds gathered in front of the US embassy in Berlin on Saturday and Sunday. Participants wore face masks and carried signs such as “Black lives matter” and “Justice cannot wait”.

People are attending a racism rally in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on Sunday.


As protesters marched on Floyd’s death, “no justice, no peace” was heard on the streets of Copenhagen on Sunday. Some gathered outside the US embassy in the Danish capital.

People protested in front of the US Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark, at a Land Life Topic demonstration on Sunday.


In Milan, the crowd held a flashmob near the city’s US consulate on Thursday.

A flash gang meets outside the American consulate in Milan, Italy on 28 May.

New Zeland

Protests against Floyd’s murder took place in many parts of New Zealand on Monday. Thousands of people demonstrated and watched in places like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Protesters marched on Queen Street in Auckland, New Zealand, on Monday.


Several protests were also held in Canada over the weekend as the crowds were against the police brutality claim.

On Saturday, demonstrators in Toronto chanted slogans associated with the Back Lives Matter movement.

On Sunday thousands of people gathered in Vancouver to show solidarity with US protesters.

Protesters shouted slogans during a rally in Toronto on May 30.
Thousands of people gathered on May 31 for a peaceful demonstration in Vancouver to protest against racism.

Other international demonstrations are expected in the coming days, as unrest continues with the death of Floyd in the US.

At least three rallies are planned in more than one Australian city. One for Sydney on Tuesday, one for Brisbane on Saturday and the other for Melbourne on Saturday,

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Thousands of people marked themselves attending the Facebook events pages of the protests.

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