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Completely absurd!

A music film to counter allegations of human rights violations? The first thing seems unconvincing what Xi Jinping (67) is trying to do in China.

Recently, more and more survivors told of their suffering in labor camps: China is committing atrocities against the Uygar minority in their own country in the Xinjiang region.

Xi Jinping’s dictatorship is now taking action against these allegations with a state-produced music film. With “The Wings of Songs”, the northwestern region of Xinjiang is to be reinterpreted as a happy paradise for the Chinese. There is no trace of permanent video surveillance and continuous security checks which are the order of the day for Uygars in the area.

The film was released in Chinese theaters on March 28 with a year delay. “It is about three people from different ethnic groups who dream of their success. For this, according to the British newspaper “Guardian”, he gets his musical inspiration amidst snow-capped mountains and vast expanse.

What is particularly important is not shown in the film:

Rep. Repression against Uighur population.

Surveillance ▶ Continuous mass monitoring.

Of half any reference to Islam, although more than half of the people in Xinjiang are Muslim. No mosque or wilderness is shown to women.

The report of the mass detention of one lakh Uigars, which China has been making on the pretext of dealing with extremism since 2017, has created a stir, especially outside the country.

In China itself, these human rights violations are now to be countered by “The Wings of Songs”. The film is primarily aimed at people within China – the population in itself must continue to believe in the propaganda of Xi Jinping’s Communist Party.

A cinema-goer from the AFP news agency in Beijing said, “And the scheme is working:” I’m already very realistic for Xinjiang and the film. “” People are happy, free and open. ”

Sanctions against china

Pressure from abroad has increased the pressure on its population, but also in recent months on companies doing business in China.

के Following repeated reports of forced labor and re-education camps, the UK, European Union, the US and Canada imposed restrictions on Chinese officials involved in the campaign of repression against the Uygars.

China responded to the approval of EU officials, including German EU MPs Reinhard Butikofer (Greens) and Michael Gahler (CDU) in Berlin, and the “Mercator Institute for China Studies”.

A state-controlled campaign to boycott several Western companies in China caused a stir in late March. Chinese (so far contractually tied) stars such as athletes, models and musicians, customers as well as sales apps and payment systems are apparently participating in the blockade of clothing chains H&M, Adidas, Nike and other Western companies Huh.

Several European companies had previously criticized the report as a “deep concern” in forcible cotton production to Uygar in the Xinjiang region.

Recently, BBC correspondent John Sudworth had to relocate from Beijing to Taiwan because he did not feel safe in China after reporting on Xinjiang with his family. Foreign reporting from Xinjiang has been almost completely stopped by the Chinese state.

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