Thousands of protesters in Britain and Switzerland demonstrate against Kovid’s sanctions

In Switzerland and the United Kingdom, thousands of people demonstrated on Saturday 24 April to protest against restrictions imposed in their country to curb the Kovid-19 epidemic.

In London, despite restrictions against mass celebrations, several organizations had asked the British to demonstrate in small groups against the latest preventative measures still in force, as well as against the establishment of vaccine passports being studied by the government Too. Police said five people were arrested and eight police officers were injured, with police saying that as a result of the incidents that took place during the protest.

Equipped with banners and signs on which one could read slogans “You are checking”, “No Mask, No Wax, No Configuration”, or “Let’s take back our freedom!” “Thousands of march protesters “Unite for Freedom” left Hyde Park at 1 pm.

“Today we are marching for our medical freedom”, Who can read on the UK Facebook page protecting the rights of the organizers, one of the organizers, who said “Against any proposal for certification of vaccine passport or Kovid status, as they go against medical ethics and our human race”.

“I will survive this epidemic by doing the opposite of what they say”, A sign proudly displayed, a young woman wrote. Others had provided themselves with white umbrellas on which they painted ┬źNo Wax for Passport┬╗ (“Vaccine not for passport”).

In response to the marked improvement in health conditions in the United Kingdom, the march also surpassed London, as it began lifting sanctions – the country most affected in Europe by Kovid-19 with more than 127,000 dead – and vaccinated. Progress of.

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After more than three months, the roofs of non-essential shops, pubs and restaurants and hairdressers and gyms reopened in England about two weeks ago, returning the cities for their livelihood.

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Ban on display in Switzerland

Another demonstration brought together thousands of people on Saturday in eastern Switzerland, in the small town of Rapperville-Jonah, 900 kilometers from London. Banned by the authorities, the march was also aimed at opposing anti-coronovirus restrictions in the country.

Rarely wearing masks, protesters marched with Swiss flags and shouts ” Independence “. According to police, around 4,000 people demonstrated peacefully for this new rally against health restrictions at the call of a group called “Stiller Protest” (“silent protest”).

Authorities said they tried to stop the protesters, prevented cars from moving into the city center and explained the illegal nature of the rally.

He specified that he chose not to spread the performance out of fear of overheating.“A strong suppression would not be appropriate under the law”. Police said they briefly arrested two people and expelled 45 people from the city for twenty-four hours.

The protesters accused the Swiss government of using dictatorial powers for the purpose of curbing the spread of Kovid-19. Switzerland has started a process of gradually lifting sanctions. This week, sports facilities and bars and restaurants were able to reopen the roofs. But critics say it takes too long to return to normal life.

Switzerland, which has 8.6 million inhabitants, has recorded approximately 650,000 cases of contamination, with new coronaviruses and about 10,000 deaths since the outbreak of the epidemic. About 10% of the population is also vaccinated.

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While the epidemic situation is grim in the country, Switzerland announced on Saturday that it had detected the first case of the Indian version of SARS-CoV-2 on its soil, which was responsible for the outbreak in India.

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