Thousands of Algerian students take to the streets to demand an end to the regime

Thousands of students demonstrated on the streets of several Algerian cities on Tuesday and demonstrated their general meeting and demanded the establishment of governance and the establishment of a civilian state. For the 110th Tuesday after student Hirak mobilization, the mobilization has not weakened compared to the previous Tuesday despite the exam period. In Algiers, the students, joined by citizens, met the des martyrs as usual. Along the route leading to the Grand Poste, signifying Hirak, the students made the popular movement “Engage students, the system emerges”, “independent and democratic Algeria”, “popular sovereignty, transitional period” “and” independent. Press, independent justice “. The slogans inscribed on the placards are the common hirac ones, for radical change and respect for freedom:” Civil status and not the military “or” Hirac, anti-Issa commentary “and” We’re out so you can leave “Calling out. Protesters reiterate their views about the June 12 legislative elections.” No “is broadly branded on the signs:” Election will worsen the crisis “and” There is no vote with the mafia ” .The student imprisoned in Biskra, Milaud Benurane, has not been forgotten. His portrait was painted throughout the march, with calls for the release of all prisoners of conscience. Similar protests also took place in other cities such as Beja and Oran Were held, but students were prevented from walking again in Tizzi Ozou. They were posted around the university. The complete protection was removed from the device.

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