Thomas Cavell-Fole appointed as editor-in-chief

Since its acquisition by Reworld Media in 2019, the journalist will have to gain control of an editorial staff in crisis.

Change of direction started for monthly Science and Life. According to a press release by the titular Reworld Media Group, Thomas Cavell-Fol will now take over as editor-in-chief. By then, he was in the rank of deputy editor-in-chief. The 33-year-old journalist has been managing a crisis-ridden magazine since 2019.

Thomas Cavell-Fol’s mission is “To enrich the magazine’s editorial promise and ensure its growth“. He must lead.”An editorial team of more than 40 science journalistsIncludes eight permanent journalists.

After the resignation of a large part of the management team opposing editorial changes imposed by Reworld Media, a workforce was greatly reduced, which it bought Science and life In 2019. Since then, some former members of the editorial staff have formed a union around a scientific journal project called Epsilon.

At the time, the Society of Monthly Journalists particularly regretted the lack of scientific supervision of the editorial staff; The title is irreplaceable. One from the month of june “Multidisciplinary scientific committeewill be implemented. It will be made up of “Recognized personality from the scientific and technological world“. Among them are scientists such as geochemist Francis Albarede, mathematician Olivia Carmelo or astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet.

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