This variant that can vaccinate against others

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According to an early study, people infected with the South African version have better immunity to coronovirus and other types of early stress.

The study was carried out by a South African scientific team that discovered the South African version 501Y.V2 but has not yet been submitted for evaluation by the scientific community and includes only a very small number of subjects. However, it is hoped that a vaccine based on this variant may protect against future mutations in the coronovirus.

A high level of antibodies

According to data from this study, submitted by a group of scientists grouped together in a genomic surveillance network (South Africa NGS-SA), only 4% of the 55 subjects infected with 501Y.V2 were unable to relieve the disease. . ‘Contamination with the original strain of the new coronavirus.

South African scientists said Wednesday that the plasma of those infected with the variants had “good neutral activity” against the “first wave” virus and possibly other disturbing new variants.

“501Y.V2 can produce a high level of antibody that is capable of neutralizing it,” virologist Tulio de Oliveira told a video conference, reporting an immune response that outpaces other variants. .

During this conference, South Africa’s Health Minister, Zweli Mkhize, described the discovery as “good news for all”, noting that it represents a hope of acceleration for the control of the epidemic.

According to this study, antibodies generated by the South African version were also found to be 100% effective compared to the Brazilian version, although in a much smaller sample of seven patients.

Hope for a commentary

“The results (of this study) basically tell us that if we make a vaccine, we have good hopes for success,” said South African government epidemiologist and senior adviser Salim Abdul Karim.

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Mutations in new coronaviruses, some of which appear to be more contagious, have increased enthusiasm around vaccination campaigns, with some vaccines appearing less effective against them. Manufacturers have recently modified their vaccines slightly to accommodate mutations.

American laboratory Modern recently announced that it would begin a clinical trial in mid-March of a version of its vaccine specifically adapted for the South African version.

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