This Nurse Has Been Diagnosed With Coronavirus, It Was Actually Terminal Cancer

Brogan is a 33-year-old mother and intensive care nurse. Last October, she was in remission from breast cancer. The 30-something then started experiencing shortness of breath and back pain. Amid the pandemic, doctors, who then practiced remotely, diagnosed him with a prolonged type of Covid. On July 27, she learned that she was indeed suffering from terminal lung cancer, according to Sudinfo.

Mom denounced the situation with the Sun: “I’ve been in remission since October last year. When I went back to the GP and oncologist with chest pain, they told me I was too young for the cancer to come back. With covid, we don’t abuse and it’s all telephone consultations. I was treated for back pain in February and had an MRI of my spine. But really, if they had done a CT scan of my chest , so they would see that at that time I had cancer in my lungs. Now it’s in both lungs and it’s very advanced. It’s in my throat and I have two spots on my liver that they can’t even rule out it’s like cancer.”

“wait and see”

Brogan, who lives in Pendeford, is a realist. She knows that without proper treatment the worst can happen to her: “Now it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing what treatment I can get, which will be my only chance. Without treatment, it would literally kill me”.

Today she wants to educate the public about the type of cancer she is suffering from. In fact, the disease is considered to be metastatic breast cancer when it occurs in the lungs.

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A fundraiser has been set up at the GoFundMe site to help Brogan and his man, Gareth. The purpose of this money? Take their 5-year-old daughter Freya to Disneyland, Florida. A journey that may be the mother’s last and which will allow her to see her happy daughter.

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