This morning, viewers are confused by Judy Finnigan’s ‘new voice’ as she returns with Richard.

Richard Madley and Judy Finnigan made their long-awaited return this morning – but fans were a bit confused by Judy’s “new voice”.

Legendary presenters returned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their book club.

Judy’s new look was a spectacle to the audience, which they identified as “fab” and they were convinced that she gave a beautiful smile to whiten teeth.

Yet many have noticed that he seems to think differently, which is what some guessed as a result of his teeth.

Fans commented on Twitter with a comment: “Judy’s tooth is gone, they are so beautiful and white this tooth # this morning” ”

Another commented: “Judy looks different # this morning” “

The third man asked: “What’s going on with Judy Accent / Voice? She seems to have gone too far #orning this morning”

But another confirmed: “Judy’s teeth gave her a flash in the morning.”

One fan spread the very casual choice of Richard’s white T-shirt, when Judy dressed up, wrote: “Judy looks fab! Richard must have seen the growing teenager’s face … # this morning.”

Richard and Judy became TV legends after hosting this morning from 1988 to 2001 before moving to Channel 4 for a show called Seven Years Away.

They first met six years ago this morning when Richard joined Granada to present with Tony Wilson and Judy.

About their first exchange, Richard said: “I was sitting at my desk when this hand appeared on my shoulder and I looked at this face and Judy said, ‘Hi, I’m your mommy’ and I thought ‘Wow, wow, wow?’ ”

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* This morning it was broadcast on ITV at 10 am

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