This morning: Eamon Holes exchanges ‘awkward’ with school teacher about ‘Jingle Bells’ ‘wrong’ song

In a long-running ITV chat series, Holmes interviewed a schoolteacher and accused him of misrepresenting the songs of the popular Christmas carol “Jingle Bells.”

Presenter and co-presenter Ruth Langford joined in This morning A song of “Jingle Bells” was sung by a teacher and a group of children at Wormholt Park Elementary School in west London.

However, before they started singing, Holmes tried to figure out what lyric they wanted to sing.

The teacher replied that they were singing: “Oh, what fun it is to ride a one-horse open slide / Oh! Shaking bells, shaking bells, shaking all the way. ”

Holmes, however, insisted that the lyric contain the word “hey” instead of “oh.”

“It’s wrong, teacher,” he said. “She’s teaching these kids the wrong thing.”

Langsford tried to argue that the lyrics were good, but Holmes reiterated that the teacher’s words were wrong.

On social media, viewers posted their reactions to this bizarre fight, with many arguing that the exchange was unnecessarily “awkward”.

“Let it be Emon, does it really matter? How awkward,” one viewer wrote.

“On live TV he was not overwhelmed that he tried to shake hands with a teacher in front of his class,” someone else wrote. Another wrote that he “belted” the teacher.

The school wrote, “We don’t mind what you say, we’re just so proud of our 2nd year kids and their great teacher.” “Thank you so much for inviting the #singh sign #jinglebells on the #th evening”

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