This map shows the magnetic signals of the telluric forces that shaped Earth

Maps of the Earth’s magnetic field have been enriched with a new model that makes it possible to better understand the thermal state of the Earth’s crust, to understand the magnetic signals, which are still in action, that have influenced past impacts. The latter has been shaped for better detection. Follow the expansion of continental collisions and tectonic faults.

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[EN VIDÉO] The reversal of Earth’s magnetic field could change our history
According to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, written by Douglas Adams, the answer to everything is to be found in the number 42. And researchers at the University of New South Wales (Australia) turned a blind eye to it, revealing the reversal of the magnetic field. Our Earth, which occurred 42,000 years ago, has had a significant impact on the environment of our ancestors. It may have even brought Neanderthals to its demise. © University of New South Wales

NS Magnetic Field From Terre is dominated by a core field produced by a system of dynamo self-sufficient who pulls it energy In Convection of metal core at a depth of 2,900 km. This is the main area that a . is responsible for the presence of north magnetic pole And a magnetic pole south of the Earth’s surface.

Behind this massive field, however, hides other fields as well, which are produced by more intelligent sources. One of the most fascinating is that the main area is formed by magnetized rocks. Mapping this region makes it possible to obtain valuable information on both distribution and origincharms on those who are responsible for the rocks tectonic history of Earth’s surface. The most accurate global map ever of the region has just been published.

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with the support of CNES and as part of swarm space mission operationsThis, a French team attached to the laboratory magmas and at the Institute of Volcanoes (LMV), University of Clermont Auvergne, physique The Globe of Paris (IPGP) at the University of Paris (IPGP) and the Laboratory of Planetary Science and Geodynamics (LPG) at the University of Nantes have just published this map that brings together more than 70 years of aerial surveys, oceanic missions and satellites. Is. overview in To revolve around The following, which were thus used to construct a model describing the region, were not on the order of 40 km from the largest scale dominated by the main region.

dynamics of telluric forces

This model reveals magnetic signals that testify to the singular telluric forces that have shaped Earth’s surface and still control its dynamics. This magnetic signal actually mainly comes from igneous rocks and sufficiently cold to carry a magnetization present mainly Earth’s crust. Their magnetic signature would make it possible to further constrain geological models of the crust, to specify the outlines of the geologic provinces. in depth, especially in difficult areas such asAntarctic, to better detect and delineate old impact structures, to follow the expansion of tectonic faults and, more generally, to better uncover contrasts Magnetic product resulting from continental collisions, extend sea ​​level And this subduction,

Since the magnetization of rocks cannot be maintained above temperatures of about 580 °C, this global model would also provide a valuable constraint on the thermal state of the Earth’s crust by revealing thick “cold” regions. and producing more superficial, weak signals in “hot” areas.

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