This is what Craven looks like in the first leaked photos of the new Spiderverse movie

Filming for Craven the Hunter, Sony Pictures’ new Spiderverse film with Marvel, has already begun in the UK, which also includes outdoor scenes. So much so that the first photos and video clips from the production have already been leaked, in which we see Craven for the first time. That yes, beyond the curious aspect that it shows, it’s not about actor Aaron Taylor—Johnson—the film’s protagonist—but his double action; And it looks like some sort of chase scene with the vehicles is in the works, with Craven himself holding one of them.

First look at Craven Live

Thus, and far from the image of Craven we have in the comics (much more wild and imposing), it seems likely that we’ll see a Craven in street clothes and look a little more disheveled, less in the scene that worried us. does. This is evidenced by the look of the expert who replaced Aaron Taylor-Johnson in these action sequences with long loose hair and a pure beard. Maybe you’ve been forced to leave some kind of social gathering just to chase someone behind the wheel?

At the moment, little is known about a production that has already confirmed several names and characters such as Christopher Abbott, who will be the villainous The Foreigner, Fred Hechinger, who will bring The Chameleon to life, or Russell Crowe as Kravinoff. as the Vice-Chancellor. Family. , For her part, Ariana DeBos will play Calypso, Craven’s boyfriend. Of course, like the rest of the Spiderverse movies, there’s no sign of Spider-Man appearing in any version, or at least not yet.

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Craven the Hunter is slated for a theatrical release on January 13, 2023.

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