This is said by Queen Elizabeth in her Christmas address

“Every year we light up at Christmas, but lights do more than create a festive mood. Light brings hope Jesus brings light for Christians ”, said Elizabeth At the beginning of his speech. “But we cannot celebrate his birth this year in the same way. People of all religions cannot come together kindly.

But we also need to live life, Rani said. “It is remarkable that in a year when people have separated from each other, we have come together in many ways. My family and I are inspired by all the people of the Commonwealth helping those who were struggling. In the UK – and around the world – people have put in a lot of effort. I am proud of that strength and it touched me. “

Hope of dawn

Elizabeth listed some examples that touched her, such as the digital celebration of Nursing Day. “We are deeply grateful to the workers for the frontline. We are moved by the kindness of strangers, and draw strength from the fact that dark evenings are expected even before dawn. “

The queen also admitted that Christmas is difficult this year. “This time will also be sad for many, some mourning the loss of a loved one, others mourning missing friends and relatives who are at a distance for safety. While all they want for Christmas is a simple hug or a squeeze. If you belong to them: You are not alone. And I assure you: You are in my thoughts and prayers. “

Finally, the Queen wishes everyone a merry Christmas. Later, a singer of care workers sang a Christmas carol, while images of special encounters that the royal family has made despite everything happening in the past year.

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