This is, Netflix launches the equivalent of TikTok video

Given the worldwide success of the TikTok application, many digital players are tempted by this app to take inspiration from the format in vogue. Currently, Instagram already has a feature called Reels that allows users to share and watch Tiktok-style videos that scroll vertically and may include music clips. For its part, Google is already testing a feature on YouTube called Shorts that is also inspired by TikTok.

And we’ve known for a while that Netflix is ​​also interested in this new format. In November, we came to know that the streaming giant has started testing a new feature inspired by Tiktok.

Netflix launches TikTok-inspired feature in some countries

Obviously, since this week these tests gave very encouraging results, we learn through an Variety article that Netflix has introduced this new functionality among users of iOS applications in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia Has started deploying. And a deployment is already planned on Android.

Dubbed Fast Laughs, this new feature is available in a new tab in the app and allows the user to scroll vertically through short videos of less than 45 seconds. These are comical extracts from films and series available on the video streaming platform’s catalog.

A new way to search for content to watch on Netflix

Apparently, like the equivalent of Stories on Netflix, this equivalent of TicketLock Video allows users to search through viewing extracts, new content. At the same time, users can spend more time scrolling through these fun videos that are using the same interaction model as Tickcock. There is also a “lol” button that allows users to react, as well as a button that allows video sharing.

To feed Fast Laughs, Netflix will screen 100 clips of movies and series per day. At the moment, we do not know when this new feature will be available on the French version of the platform. But it is certain that Fast Laughs is likely to make many users even more addicted to Netflix, especially those already familiar with the Tiktok app.

According to Variety, a representative of the streaming platform said here: “We wanted to provide members in a fun, fast and effortless way to explore those moments in our comedy that speak for themselves in a native full-screen mobile experience of these comical moments across genres. We cut down on what was required in a deliberate, minimal UI design to plan your next laugh by adding transparent tabs to instant response methods (“LOL”) and to their list. Worked hard. “

Is Ticketcock’s madness everywhere?

Like the popular stories by Snapchat, the Tiktok video format can quickly take over the web. Also, recently, we came to know that in addition to developing Real on Instagram, Facebook has launched a new application (via an experimental program called NPE) similar to Tikkok, but dedicated to rap. For YouTube, after launching Mantra in India, it has started to launch this TikTok-inspired feature in beta in the United States.

And as TikTok continues to develop and influence other services, another successful app is slowly emerging: the clubhouse. While TikTok stands out with its short, vertical scrolling video, Cloubhouse relies on audio.

Indeed, this app, which some media describe as the new TikTok, allows users to create or include rooms in which they express themselves with audio recordings. And the clubhouse is so popular that Facebook is reportedly developing a similar service. For Twitter, it is already beta testing a clubhouse competitor named Spaces.

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