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How and where should I get the Kovid vaccine this summer? (Illustration) (ARTISTGNDPHOTOGRAPHY / E+ / GETTY IMAGES)

So how will vaccinations go this summer? We know that the government has given a slight relaxation in the time between the two doses. Now, the second injection can be given three to seven weeks after the first. Jean-Paul Hamann is a general practitioner in Clamart and Honorary President of the French Association of Doctors.

Franceinfo: Will this make life easier for people working in vaccination centers?

Jean-Paul Hyman: This is already a good thing. That we can vaccinate in three weeks suits a lot of people. It was reported that the closer to the second dose, the faster immunity was achieved. You also have to assimilate this, so it is in your best interest to get vaccinated. Take both doses as soon as possible.

How’s it going to be for you at Clamart this summer? You give more than 1,000 injections per day. Will the airfoil be reduced? Is the center going to be completely closed?

No, but the wing will drop for a variety of reasons. Firstly because the population in the Paris region decreases significantly during the summer. So I think the immunization center will reduce its coverage, but will continue to vaccinate.

You always expect to have a lot of people, or maybe more, when the school year starts near the end of August. ?

It is clear that it will definitely restart from August 15/20. Like every year, the population will come back and then, perhaps even so, parents think that teens, now that we can get vaccinated in three weeks, have time to vaccinate before teens start getting the disease again. Will happen. ‘school.

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