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Madam He is back on the social network after the controversy, which saw him as a hero. singer on twitter Sanremo Festival 2021, she ended up in a storm for a tweet asking who isn’t her fan and not following her for not interrupting her during dinner for a picture. Here is the full text of Discord’s tweet: “If you haven’t heard the record or you haven’t got a CD or a ticket or if you don’t know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t done anything for me, don’t make up while I’m dining for photos.” If I do, I get up. Why? I’m madam 24 hours only for those who use me for music, for the rest I’m a grumpy Venetian 19 yo “. The words are unwanted for the people of the net and who have created a ruckus of comments. The artist’s response to Instagram was not long in coming, which, as Madam pointed out, is likely to have more space than Twitter, which doesn’t offer many characters.

Madam’s words after fan’s tweet

his Instagram madam He clarified that with that tweet he wanted to clarify the difference between who is a fan and who is not. “A fan either buys a record or follows me or knows what I’m talking about. And the relationship with him is sacred and personal. A fan of mine with whom I have a relationship makes me look like his family.” Won’t interrupt during dinner together, with my father, my mother, my brother, my niece, to ask me with a photo. I am sure he will wait for my dinner to finish. Because this one It’s such an intimate moment when someone is having a meal with their family. Really disgraceful to interrupt.”, he knew. Francesca, who isn’t even 20 yet, revealed how it was really going on with the fan who asked her for a photo.

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Madam and Fans: Singer’s Version

A non fan wants to let me know that he doesn’t follow me. This is what happened to me that night: “I don’t follow you, I don’t know what you do, I don’t like your gender but I saw you in Sanremo. Can we take a picture of ourselves?” FINAL DETAILS: The people who asked me for a picture during dinner, I took it. I consider myself a humble person. If you ask me for a photo, I get up and take it, whoever you are, fan, non fan, hate, non hate, I don’t care, I’m pretty sure at least one fan of mine is waiting Unless I had finished eating with my family before asking for a photo. I’m sure of this and my mind doesn’t change”Madam repeated.

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Madam after Sanremo: Professional dribble!

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