This is a sin about the recordings of Allie Alexander: ‘It was a valley of tears’. Now

Ollie Alexander often sheds tears during the filming of the series It’s a sin On the AIDS epidemic in the United Kingdom in the 1980s. In a conversation with the actor and Years and Years singer, he fell to tears, especially because of the recording of scenes from the last episode.

According to Alexander, the only way was to let his emotions go through the recording. “There were a lot of tears, especially when shooting the last episode with Keeley (Hoss, ed.) And Sean (Doli, ed.), Who play the role of my parents in the series. We cried a lot together . “

Screenwriter Russell T. In a five-part series written by Davis, Alexander plays the role of Richie Tozer, who moves to London in the 1980s when the AIDS epidemic begins to spread in the LGBTI community.

“This story will always be heart-wrenching, but it really feels like a privilege to tell it. Russell has written the characters so well. He really wanted the people after the show to be completed. Remember them.”

It’s a sin Opened many eyes’

Nadat meA sin of t The online viewing data record for the British channel Channel 4, it was shown in large parts of the world, including the Netherlands on NPO Plus via VPO.

“It opened many eyes to a state of history, many of which knew nothing about. So much happened in silence and swept under the carpet.

Alexander is an explanation for the success of the series. “I think the people were really sucked in by the emotional journey to the characters. It opened a lot of eyes to a state of history, many of which knew nothing about,” Alexander said of that crisis. Said in which many gay men lost their lives.

“A lot of this happened in silence and swept under the rug. The story is now being heard by many for the first time and is shocking.”

effect of It’s a sin On year and year and vice versa

Although the viewer experiences the risk of AIDS continuously throughout the series, the music and nightlife of the time is also celebrated. Alexander dropped for years and years of albums to be released later this year, the first single of which was on Thursday Starstruck Inspired by music since the eighties.

Conversely, his career as a pop star also influenced his acting as Richie. “When I started recording, I had a few years of touring with the band. The confidence I gained from it definitely helped me play the role.”

The question is whether Alexander will soon appear as an actor in a series again. “Above all, I really want to do my own thing. If something comes my way, I’ll definitely take it, but on top of that I think one day I’ll just have to make my own series . “

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