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As Xiaomi sells its new Xiaomi Mi 11 in China, new analysis appears on it. An example of this is the video we’re bringing you down, A sample of its capabilities in video recording and the beauty of our planet.

If we remember, Xiaomi Mi 11 adds a c108MP Samsung Main Camera, With a camera of sorts 13MP wide angle. Apart from this, an addition has been added to Xiaomi’s new flagship, improving macro photography. Sensor macro d5 mp.

As a result of all this, Xiaomi Mi 11 is capable of making videos, as we are going to see below. Has a magnificent montage engraved for use Two terminals connected to the drone And where, above all, the magnificent and colorful landscapes of our planet stand out.

As can be seen, LVideo stabilization of Xiaomi Mi 11 is above the restManaging to eliminate the sudden movements of drones and the result of videos worthy of National Geographic documentaries. Of course, not all features are of the smartphone itself, the drone also includes good Gimbal.

In short, this new video shows us, beyond the photographic quality of the Xiaomi Mi 11, It is optical more than remarkable video stabilization. A great job done by Xiaomi, perhaps above the stabilization of other high-end smartphones.

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