This fire has grown to such an extent that it generates its own weather forecast!

bootleg fire. Nothing seems to be able to stop it. Specifically from here he’s starting to build up his weather forecast on Oregon. Drought storms that make it even worse.

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[EN VIDÉO] Worldwide 20 years of fires contained in 30 seconds
This is what the earth looks like in flames. This is not a doomsday but a summary of the scale of the fires that have hit the world over the past two decades. Twenty years of wildfires, seen from above by the Terra satellite, have been condensed into 30-second animation by NASA.

It has already devastated an area larger than the city of Los Angeles. who was baptized bootleg fire Ignite Oregon (United States) since July 6. Every hour now it seems as if the entire Central Park is covered in smoke. unheard of at this level of weather. And the authorities now fear that this huge Forest fire Can’t contain until November!

The fire has grown so much that now it is making its own place. weather, scientists tell us. they have seen the formation of what they call pyrocumulus or pyrocumulonimbus. It’s hard to miss them. They are visible around 200 kms.

Pyrocumulus clouds are formed when Warmth blazing flames fire forest forceWind Getting up early, sucking up smoke, ashes, but also water vapor. Pyrocumulonimbus clouds look like a classic thunderstorm cloud.

Good news on the frontlines of the fight against this fierce fire? Not necessary. because the opposite rain with thunder Classic, thunderstorms triggered by pyrocumulus don’t rain much. In question, the heat and smoke particles they concentrate. Result: A dry storm One who can make and produce whirlpools of fire vents extremely violent.

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Potentially destructive pyrocumulonimbus clouds

Pyrocumulonimbus can also generate electricity. Lightning from electrically charged ash particles. When these move very quickly towards the clouds and create a potential difference which triggers lightning.

We better understand why the formation of such clouds is a concern. Because the thunderstorms they trigger not only help quell the flames, but they increase the chances of wildfire spreading because of them. by adding strong winds And lightning strikes over-dry vegetation. researchers of NASA Also Qualify as Pyrocumulonimbus “Fire-Breathing Dragons”.

“Traditionally, the weather tells us what will happen to a wildfire. This time it is the forest fire that decides what we should expect from the weather.”, underlines an officer in CNN’s column. Already more than 2,000 people had to be evacuated as the fire destroyed 67 homes. Unprecedented means were used to control the fire, but experts estimate that 20 to 40,000 hectares of smoke could still rise before the fire was brought under control.

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