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The gruesome footage is shared of how the Christmas tree could quickly climb to the top if not watered.

A video shared on Twitter by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission shows a simulated electric fire starting from a dried Christmas tree, which engulfed the house in about 40 seconds – as a warning to those decorating their homes this year.

The commission said, “Many people have Christmas trees in their homes for the first time this holiday season.

“Make sure your tree is well watered. Keep a dry Christmas tree burning faster than a newspaper.”

Firefighters rushed to the scene. Photo: US Consumer Protection Commission

The video shows two simulations of the same living room side by side – one with a well watered tree and the other with a dry tree.

When the watery tree begins to scatter light, the flames rise above the branches and reach the roof with a plume of gray smoke.

After about 30 seconds the flashing is still going on but it does not reach anywhere else in the house and slowly dies.

Meanwhile, the dried trees begin to burn – and the result is terrible.

Within 10 seconds, the whole tree reaches the roof and is trapped in flames, producing a thick ice in the dark smoke.

A picture on the wall began to melt in about 25 seconds before the nearby sofa also started to burn.

40 seconds later firefighters rushed to put out the blaze.

People should not have a Christmas tree next to the fireplace.  File image
People should not have a Christmas tree next to the fireplace. File image

Christmas trees should be watered daily and you can test how much water your tree needs depending on the size of your tree.

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According to the UK Fire Resources, your plant should not be placed near any heat source such as a fire place or radiator. The more it can be dried, the more flammable it can be.

You should also be careful not to throw or shake cigarette ash near any tree and always fill the tree with water.

Generally you should not place your live Christmas tree too early or leave it for more than two weeks longer

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