This Aston Martin Valkyrie heats up on the Silverstone circuit!

A few days ago, British Mercedes driver Adam Christodoulou posted a video of an Aston Martin Valkyrie in poor condition on the Silverstone circuit.

When the famous circuit of grand-prix doesn’t have a monopoly Silverstone, UK, It is possible to enjoy it with your racing car. But a few days ago A. the pilot Aston Martin Valkyrie Took it a little too literally…

Arrived directly on the main next to the pits, Supercar driver loses control of his racing car, The latter came to rub against the balustrade but it turned into a crash.

Even stronger, the pilot and racing car managed to regain control and reset! There were some marks on the bodywork but all unanimous, it is doing very well.

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In the comments of this Instagram post, many pilots and former pros felt compelled to leave a short message. for example, Abby Eaton, driver for The Grand Tour, advised the driver of the video to buy the lottery ticket himself. Ditto for Adam Christodoulou who captioned his video as: “Wow, it didn’t go that far! Lucky dodge, there are only a few people who touch this wall and just walk away! ยป

At the same time it is also true that driving without fear of such an act A car worth 2.7 million eurosIt’s very, very lucky.

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