This AI Eats 91% of Your Unwanted Cookies on the Internet

Researchers in the United States have decided to tackle the ubiquitous pop-ups and banners on the web that ask permission for cookies. Using artificial intelligence, CookieEnforcer is able to automatically reject non-essential cookies on 91% of sites.

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With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union placed privacy At the heart of the concerns of these citizens. However, this has led to the current situation where sites continually ask for your consent for cookies and the format changes from site to site.

Troubled by these pop-ups, Internet users have learned to click without reading, often to accept cookies Since this is the most obvious button. However, thanks to researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Google, a solution is on the horizon. Their system, called CookieEnforcer, will automatically reject unwanted cookies.

AI soon in the form of a browser extension

researchers trained artificial intelligence to browse source code To locate information related to web pages and cookies. she then makes a semantic analysis Text and various options for disabling non-essentials by simulating mouse clicks. The system is thus able to work on sites and with notification systems that have not yet been encountered.

The researchers then tested CookieEnforcer on 500 new sites. aye Non-essential cookies have been successfully disabled on 91% of sites. The system isn’t available to the public yet, but researchers may release it as a simple browser extension in the future.

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