This 250,000 euro slate they left in the UK

Tiles are attached for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle … The couple, who left the United Kingdom two years ago, have been caught by the administration for an unpaid loan …

His foundation in the UK still haunts him

Controversy pertains to their foundation, Sussex Royal renamed MWX, which they put into liquidation when they moved to the United States to form Archwell. And unfortunately, the accounts have not been settled even after the first payment of £134,500. The Sussexes still have to pay £213,000 (about €250,000), an unpaid loan they owe to an unnamed non-profit.

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And like everyone else, since they were slow to hand in the wallet to regularize their position, the amount has climbed. The interest is now £28,000.

, In accordance with the terms of the grant agreement, we receive income and expense reports on the use of grant funds to show that they are being used for charity purposes.”said the liquidator.

From where will they get this amount?

Luckily, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have ongoing contracts with Netflix and Spotify, among others. If the first stage canceled the cartoon the Duchess was producing, PearlThe second will soon be hosting its new podcast archetype, What to do ahead of the birth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II next June… and get on good with the British.

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