Thirsty Britons help GDP climb 4.8% as pubs finally reopen

Thirsty Brits helped boost GDP by 4.8% last quarter as pubs finally reopened.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak lauded the success and said his employment scheme was working.

Thirsty Britons help GDP climb 4.8% as pubs finally reopencredit: getty

But a sluggish June was blamed on pygmia and supply chain bottlenecks.

The easing of lockdown rules saw the nation return to pubs, restaurants and hotels, boosting the UK economy at the highest rate in the G7.

The UK was among the countries most affected by Kovid last year, but economists are now confident that we will be back fully by the end of the year.

Household spending is still on the decline, limiting the full rebound, with GDP down 2% from pre-pandemic levels.

But health care and services were on the rise as people returned to GPs and lockdown rules were relaxed.

Boris Johnson and Mr Sunak praised the figures but insisted once again that it is time to end the holiday program and universal loan hike in September as life returns to normal.

The prime minister said last night: “Encouraging economic growth figures.

“Our successful vaccination program and job plan combined with the strength and resilience of the British people have placed the UK in a position of strength.”

Mr Sunak, who was accompanied by his wife Akshata Murthy for the cricket Test at Lord’s yesterday, said: “Our economy is improving and showing strong signs of recovery. “

Rishi Sunak says he and Boris Johnson have a ‘very good’ relationship despite reports of infighting between the couple

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