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Several beaches across Florida are closed on the 4th of July weekend due to coronavirus concerns. However, this is not the case for St. Petersburg residents who have access to the beaches within driving distance of their district.

President Rick Kriseman said he thought this was a policy the county should consider.

“I think it’s a policy [the county officials] We have to come and think until the 4th of July weekend. We know that there is always a busy time on our beaches that weekend. “

Kriseman also criticized the Florida Government Ron DeSantis for not currently applying state-wide policies to tackle fluctuations in cases and instead leaving local governments to act on a range of issues such as beach closings and wearing masks.

“This should be a state-wide policy, but we don’t currently have leadership from the administration and governorship,” he said. “If we deal with this, we should act collectively rather than just eating pieces, where individual local governments are implementing policies.”

In further criticism, Kriseman said that DeSantis was “very inaccessible” to mayors in Florida, which is an obstacle to action against the virus.

“This is a disappointment for me and other mayors in the state. The governor was not very accessible to all of us, so we did not have these conversations. “When I had interstate politics and then we couldn’t have policy across the country and then we couldn’t have individual cities, I was absolutely vocal because I think this works best.” “But he really should get out of the state.”

Kriseman also denied DeSantis’ claims that the increase in cases was partly due to accumulated work in the tests.

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“This statement is really stupid. What we’re looking at is the percentage of positive tests. So maybe we had days when 1,500 tests were done. “The other days we will do 3,500 tests, but what is really important, what are the positive percentages of the tests done,” he explained.

St. Petersburg, Florida saw the percentage of 1.5% to 2% positive cases at two-week intervals in late April and early May. He said the moving average has increased to 10% in the past two weeks.

“This is very disturbing and not the number of test tests. More people are exposed right now. “

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