Thierry Breton ensures Europe sees “light at end of tunnel”

For European Commissioner Thierry Breton, Europe has the ability to produce and deliver all the doses necessary to achieve collective immunity.

European Commissioner Thierry Breton said on Sunday that the acceleration of vaccine delivery allowed Europe to see “the light at the end of the tunnel”, the third wave of the Kovid-19. “We now have 52 factories operating 24 hours, to produce seven days a week in Europe” Vaccines against Kovid-19, European Commissioner for Internal Markets said, responsible for overseeing the manufacture of vaccines Grand RTL-Le Figaro-LCI Jury.

“We have the ability to produce and distribute to our Europeans, which at the end of the second quarter the planned 360 million doses and 420 million are needed (…) to start talking about this collective immunity and To achieve this “In mid-July, Thierry Breton was added. He had already argued last week that Europe could gain collective immunity on 14 July.

“Light at the end of the tunnel, we see it,” he said, predicting that “it took a few more weeks for the virus to spread and be vaccinated at the same time”. “We’d really have to raise a gear, but now we know we’ll be able to do it” industrially, he emphasized.

“Grasshopper and ant”

Regarding the distribution of the AstraZeneca vaccine, due to a heated dispute between Brussels and London, Thierry Breton reiterated the Commission’s position: “until AstraZeneca has fulfilled its obligations [vis-à-vis de l’UE]Everything created on European Earth is for Europeans. “The European Union suspects the Swedish-British laboratory for prohibiting Twenty-Seven to the United Kingdom.

“The British are unable to carry out the vaccination policy on their own,” Thierry Breton said.

“Britain was to produce only 10 million vaccines today. We have distributed 20 million doses to help the British. They are completely dependent on us”, he continued, predicting that Boris Johnson’s government Stocks faced a “problem” for administration. The British have already received the second dose.

“it is a bit [dans la fable] The grasshopper and the ant, “Instead of having the second dose, they preferred to give the first dose to everyone, without reservation,” he said.

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