thief stole car with three kids


04. August 2021 – 16:56 Watch

The car with three kids was only seconds unseen

It’s an absolute nightmare for all parents: Brit Zahid Nazar comes home from a family celebration and parks his car on the side of the road to talk to his wife. A car thief uses this moment to steal a vehicle. Three children are still sitting in the back seat.

Father still runs behind speeding car

Two surveillance cameras capture stunning images from the English city of Bolton (north of Manchester). In the video we show the recording. Zahid Nazir (37) has returned from a wedding party, reports the British newspaper “Sun”. Her three young children are sleeping in the back seat of the car.

He runs to his wife, who has stopped a few meters from another vehicle, and wants to talk to her briefly. A young man takes advantage of the moment, runs to the open car, gets in and runs. In panic, the father runs after the car, but then collapses on the middle of the road. And watch the thief run away with your kids in the back seat.

Wife’s mobile phone helps in search

Zahid continued, “I didn’t have time to think that I ran behind the car. I knew I had to try to stop the person who was taking my kids from me.” The worried father follows his wife with the car. He runs into the police car and asks the officers for help. Zahid remembers that his wife’s cell phone must still be in the stolen car. In fact, the car can be located this way.

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Father cries when children are found safe and sound

20 minutes later, the frightened father receives a relief message: the car is discovered on a remote country road. Thankfully nothing happened to the kids. “When I saw my kids, I cried. At first I didn’t even run to them, I just cried,” Zahid told The Sun.

Then he can finally embrace his seven- and eight-year-old sons Muhammad and Khadlija, as well as their ten-month-old daughter, Ayesha. “I was so happy and relieved that they were back with me and didn’t hurt.”

No arrests yet related to car theft

The petty kidnapping did not leave the children completely without a trace. In newspaper interviews, the father describes the current situation in fear of intruders.

No arrests have yet been made in relation to the car theft, a spokesman for the responsible police department is quoted in the “Sun”. But the investigation will continue. Now the search is on for such eyewitnesses who can give information about the incident. (RRA)

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