They put bra on cows

Living in the north of Russia, the farmer has interestingly protected his cows by -45 degrees.

When the air temperature went below -45 degrees, cows living in Siberia were wearing woolen bras to keep them from freezing.

According to The Siberian Times, the incident occurred in Oymakon, which is known as Russia’s coldest village.

In a video published by the website, which broadcasts news from the Siberian region in the north of Russia, it is seen that Nikolay Atlassov wears wool specially designed for 5 cows that protect them from cold and keep them Take water to drink. The old man shooting the video, “They line up, old drink first” it is said.

“Get them every day”

According to independent Turkey, Atlassov in his 70s, “I am a hunter, my family also has 5 cows. They provide our livelihood. They spend the winter in the barn, but they go out every day, even when the weather is colder than 60 degrees Celsius. it happens.” he said.

The report also stated that these bras provide up to two liters of milk per cow per day.

The coldest climate in the village in 1933 was minus 67.7 degrees Celsius. The villagers claim that the time was even colder than the official figure that in 1924 the minus 71.2 degrees was measured.

The primary school children of the region go to school up to -52 degrees of the season.

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