They laughed at his new film and now claim it’s his best performance

Laughs best who laughs last! This sentence perfectly matches what Nicolas Cage has been feeling over the past few hours. his new movie, pigsWhen it was first announced to the public, it was the subject of memes and ridicule, But once released it is a complete success: not only Excellent reviews, but the box office numbers are great too. Know the details!

“Rob is a lonely man whose pet is a pig who is looking for truffles, but when the pig is stolen from him and taken from him, he begins a desperate search to find the pig and the person responsible for his theft. does.”, directed by Michael Sarnoski, is the official synopsis of his debut in the role.

During the 92-minute run of the film, Cage’s character is ejected. Trailer footage shows him rocking, poorly dressed and next to a pig. So those who did not know the intention of the film started laughing and felt that the 57-year-old actor had fallen too low. Nothing is further from reality.

Pig hits theaters in the US July 16 And in his first weekend, he raised almost a million dollars. overall he won 2 053 784 dollar and is set for its international premiere 20 august, although there is still no launch date in the UK and in Latin America.

Not All Pig collected good numbers at the box office as critics’ opinion was so good that They also talk about the best performances of the long career of the actor. Oscar winner for Leaving Las Vegas (1995).

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“I’ve always loved Nick Cage. I almost did Montecristo with him. I think he’s not only an idolater of expressionist actors, but an irreplaceable talent. All this to say that PIG (2021) over the years and years It’s minimalist, confident and dynamic” , was highly praised Guillermo del Toro To on twitter after watching the movie

“Challenge the nonsense of expectations with a beautiful odyssey of loss and love anchored in a shocking and raw performance from Nicolas Cage”, you can read on Rotten Tomatoes that they gave it a 97% Approval. IMDB was on the same page and rewarded 7 marks out of 10. In the end, Metacritic gave it a score of 83/100.

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