They discovered a completely new state of matter called liquid glass.

Mysterious The state of change between solid and liquid states of glass has fascinated many physicists. The glass transition is still very attractive to scientists, and the newly discovered state of matter, called fluid, is exhibited at a microscopic level of behavior that has not been seen before.

This new state exists between solid and colloid. For example, a colloid can be a gel, so it is a substance that contains homogeneous mixtures with microscopic particles, but which are larger than atoms or molecules according to the Science Alert Portal.

Effect of liquid and solid glass

In the case described in a study published in a journal called PNAS, the plastic ellipse was made to measure the colloid and mixed into a solvent.

Our experiments provide evidence of the interaction between the liquid and solid states of glass,Says Matthias Fuchs, Professor of Soft Condensed Matter Theory, University of Constance, Germany.

As the material solidifies and transforms from a liquid state to a solid, their molecules usually align to form crystalline patterns. But this is not the case with glass, which is why it is very interesting for scientists. When the glass freezes, the molecules close in a disordered state.

Jarg Roller, Elena Laganapan, Jane-Miecke Meijer, Matthias Fuchs, Andreas Lumbusch

They could not turn

In liquid glass, scientists observed that colloids can move, but cannot move. They were thus more flexible than the molecules in glass, but not so much compared to conventional materials that had already been studied.

By using ellipsoidal colloids, it was possible to observe these closed curves. The particles were divided into groups with a uniform orientation, which then interfered with each other in the material.

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Due to their varying size, unlike spherical particles, our particles have an orientation and lead to complex behavior of completely new and unplanned types of hithero., ”Explains Andreas Zumbusch, professor of physical chemistry at the University of Constance.

Jarg Roller, Elena Laganapan, Jane-Miecke Meijer, Matthias Fuchs, Andreas Lumbusch

They waited 20 years to discover

Scientists claim that the new state of matter is actually two competing transitions – liquid and solid, which form mixtures of different properties. The shape and concentration of particles appear to be important in the making of this liquid glass.

Many questions remain unanswered, but the authors hope that the discovery of liquid glass, which was predicted 20 years ago, may help to understand how glass transitions work.

The findings have much greater potential than they appear. Physicists claim that they can provide valuable information about cell biology, but also about the cosmological system.

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