They celebrate the New Year in Wuhan, the “cradle” of the coronovirus

Wuhan-. A year later China Communicate with World Health Organization (WHO) Detect a rare pneumonia in the city WuhanThe city in the center of the Asian giant makes life almost normal and its residents are persuaded to take to the streets. new Year.

Images from local television stations and agency photographers showed the crowd celebrating the 2021 countdown. People wore masks, though some took them off to take photographs.

In the Luxiang neighborhood, where many faculty such as science and technology are located, about 300 people filled the vox room to listen to Happy Wheel, a local group that has a mix of rock and electronic music for the audience to enjoy, among them Most of them are teenagers and college students.

Photo: EFE

Some wore a mask, others decided not to apply it: “There are no cases Wuhan, without any reason. But many people take this as a precaution, because if the virus has taught us something, it is that you cannot be trusted. In Wuhan We do not want to spoil it again, ”said Xu, one of the youths who attended the concert.

XU reported that a recent study by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the Asian country, according to which 4.4% Wuhan has coronovirus antibodies, indicating, “Keeping this in mind Wuhan It has 11 million inhabitants, which would mean half a million were infected. “

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He said, “That’s ten times the official figure. You can’t be trusted.”

During the concert, tribute was paid to the eye doctor, Li Wenliang, who had been reprimanded just a year earlier by the local police after alerting his colleagues that the hospital he worked in had similar symptoms of pneumonia. There was a group. SARS that is a disease that killed China in 2003.

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Photo: EFE

Lee was reprimanded for “spreading rumors” and forced to sign a letter acknowledging his “mistake”. Later, Lee himself contracted the virus and in early February, a wave of tribute and criticism arose on Chinese social media for the officers’ actions in an attempt to silence them.

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