They are already vaccinated in the United Kingdom, how does it work?

Where the first vaccination in the Netherlands can be placed on 8 January 2021, the United Kingdom had already begun the vaccination program last week.

This week, 91-year-old Margaretha Keenan was the first woman to be injected with the BioNotech / Pfizer vaccine. Since then, around 180,000 vaccines have been distributed, which is equivalent to 20,000 vaccines per day.

But is the vaccination process also going smoothly? “It depends who you ask,” correspondent Tim De Witt says. “It is going relatively well, with the government saying it is proud of vaccination, but there are some problems.”

British channel sky News Reports that the vaccination schedule may be delayed because GPs do not see who has already received vaccination and who has not received it. There will be ICT problems with the registration system.

Pen and paper

Doctors now record it manually on pen and paper. “And it can be difficult, because people have to be given two injections of this vaccine,” De Witt says. GPs fear that some of them will be abandoned by a failing system, or will often receive an injection. Complaints about sky News The report is coincidentally denied by the government body National Health Service, which is partially responsible for the vaccination program.

The vaccination program is running smoothly logically, says De Waite. Transportation and distribution of the perishable vaccine in hospitals is also going well: “Vaccination is now happening in 50 hospitals. The vaccine should also be stored at minus 70 degrees. And if you melt it, it’s only a few days. Can be placed for., So it cannot be done anywhere in a sports hall. “

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‘They have just started’

In Germany where the vaccination program has been mapped by the end of November 2021 and all vaccinations are already ready on the streets, as reporter Wouter Zwart told the TV program on Wednesday News time, And a start can be made in the Netherlands on 8 January, the British did not initially have a fully detailed plan ready. De Wit: “They just started.”

Margaret Keenan was the first in Britain to be vaccinated against Kovid-19. She finds it a great honor:

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